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Shine your Hair Bright Like a Diamond with these Hair Care Leads

Hair Care Treatment

The more the hair gleam, the healthier they are! There is no end to the cosmetological advice and hygiene routines involving bony hair. Selecting the right one, considering your hair type thus becomes overwhelming as well as challenging. Also, hair care cosmetics, generally involve chemicals so choosing the one that is organic and free from harsh compounds becomes requisite. While Olaplex 3, the primer, and Olaplex 0 in combination is the most recommended take-home treatment from our side when it comes to the chemically infused hair health product, the following tips are the leads that will certainly pass you clean…

Lead №1-Always maintain a clean scalp!

A dust-free and grease-free scalp is a must to keep your hair shine intact. The hair luster is not only coated with impurities if you have an unclean hair shaft but can also end up in hair breakage if you are habitual of not staying pure and clean.
Make sure you wash them frequently, depending on the demand for your hair. Keep them conditioned and try to oil them with essential oils every time before you rinse them as this will keep the follicles active.

Lead №2- Add Vitamin, Protein, and other healthy nutrients to your diet!

Inculcating in the habit of balancing various vitamins and proteins through food is best to boost your hair health resulting in the gloss you need. They all serve a different purpose to our hair sheen. For instance, Vitamin E promotes blood circulation in your scalp while Vitamin B is the source of upkeeping healthy hair color. Sebum production is amplified by Vitamin A. Consult a good nutritionist and start the intake of all health-promoting food, fruits, and nuts. This will gradually escalate your hair hygiene and you need not worry about faded hair locks at all.

Lead №3-Stay Hydrated!

Your hair badly needs moisture and what is better than water. Teke 10–12 glasses of water daily and see the change in few months.

Lead №4- Cut on smoking and boozing!

If you are devoting yourself too much to any or both of the above habits then please stop or restrict them to occasional days. Smoking interrupts the blood flow towards the scalp. Alcohol too has been proven to reduce hair growth. If you really need healthy and shiny hair then do away with these habits, if you can.

Lead №5- Follow the basic rules!

  • Never brush through wet hair nor put them to towel rubbing. Even during the day and while sleeping try to keep them away from frictions.
  • Protect them from harmful UV/UB rays and pollution.
  • Keep away from rough chemicals, be it shampoos, conditioners, and other hair treatments. Always go for chemicals that are not bad for your hair health. We have recommended one at the very start of this blog that you can blindly count on for intense hair bond revival.
  • Stay away from heating rods and tight hair stylings.
  • Exercise daily.

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