Slaying the Hottest Hair Trend with a Zilch of Texture Dropping by the Olaplax Duo

Olaplex Hair Treatment

Who doesn’t need a break from monotony? We ladies are constantly on the move to maintain the balance between our professional tasks and family chores. And there are days when we do not get even nix of moment to go on a vacay, life becomes humdrum and a break is badly needed. But with a little changed hairstyle, we do get a slight buffer zone to do away with this dull feeling.

But the joy of flaunting the chemically and heat-treated hair look comes wrapped in the fear of losing the natural hair bonds making them look dry and brittle after few days. What then can be an alternative to satisfying your jonesing for a sexy hairdo without intervening with your natural hair shine and strength?

It’s none other than the Olaplex № 0 and Olaplex № 3 therapy !!

With the other important natural precautions, having them in your hair care is just a perfect solution to rock a new unnaturally treated hairstyle without brooding over the fragile hair strands. Clearing your mind with the questions, we present you an in-detail description of this duo by the revolutionary haircare brand, Olaplex which many Hollywood celebs swear by…

Does it need a professional hand?

The best thing about these two magical olaplex numbers is that they can be used at home. It is an easy-peasy application without messing up anything. Don’t mix them with the other olaplex range that can only be done by a professional hair artist.

How frequently is it to be used?

Since you are just saving yourself from the fright of ruining your hair shaft, a weekly application will suffice you. But if you have already lost everything then 2–3 times a week can also be tried. But in any case, don’t use them before a week.

What‘s the procedure to put on?

What is the magical science behind it?

Works on the disulfide bonds that get weak or break with the harsh exposure to the hair follicles and hair shaft. The magic ingredient used is bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate. This compound reacts with the weak natural hair chemicals and revives the lost disulfide bonds or saves them from weakening further, as the case may be.

The Upshot

What remains as a result of using this at-home remedy is utterly smooth textured hair. The intensive molecular treatment is based on the patented technology of this much-celebrated brand.

Now you can ruffle up your hair strands to any possible look without an iota of the fret. Just keep the intensive bond maintenance by the olaplex incredible numbers 3 and 0 at your disposal.

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